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We have developed a series of cloud-based analytical tools that deliver data directly from our products or via reviewed, validated and published data sets.  These tools are designed to reduce the time and effort in publishing data required by enterprise organizations such as metrics, trends, rates, etc. Interactive Data Visualization Application:  This highly configurable application may be used with our risk management products and/or in conjunction with other enterprise applications to deliver analyses and trends to authorized recipients.  These visualizations are produced directly from various data sources or via a review, validation, and publishing model.  Users are be assigned to a level of the organization hierarchy and visualize data.  Interactive Analytical Desktop:  This tool is designed by high-level system administrators and authorized analysts who need to produce ad hoc reports from our products and in conjunction with other enterprise applications.   The example below shows a mission impact analysis by integrating safety injury / illness data with compensation costs.  The IAD tools provide for a wide range of data analysis, display, and filtering options.