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ZGi has experience in developing custom applications and tailoring commercial applications for our clients since 1988.  Because of our scientific background, many of these applications were developed for technical and medical systems for the National Laboratories, DoD, Federal agencies, pharmaceutical and health care clients.  We develop intuitive, easy-to-use user interfaces and use wizards extensively to improve data quality and efficiency.  Many of our applications feature collaborative workflow. ZGi continually develops and extends our product suites allowing them to evolve with anticipated demands and at the request of our clients.  We also tailor our applications to suit client needs. We have experience working with a variety of software development techniques, development environments (e.g. Java, .NET), and database management systems including Oracle, SQL Server and others.  We have deployed our products in thin client, web, and traditional client-server environments.  We have experience in developing and deploying applications in secure environments and system migration support. - Industrial Hygiene Analytical Systems - Medical Systems - International Regulatory Analysis System - Radioactive Source Tracking - Laboratory Analytical Systems - Instrument Calibration Recall and Tracking - Models - Inspection and Audit - Wireless EMR - Integrated Chemical, Biological, Radiological (CBR) Intelligence, Tracking, Locating, Inventory and Full Life- Cycle Disposition (to include component end-item tracking). - Others
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